"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly."
-Pres. Thomas S. Monson

Monday, May 27, 2013

Heber Valley Memorial Run

Our friends, the Drapers, organized a race in rememberance of their family members that they lost last year in a tragic accident- Val, Kathy and Quincy.  I ran the 5K, and then Annie and Will ran the kid's race (Quincy's crazy mile).

I always hope that when my kids see me run and exercise that it will encourage them to do the same.  I don't care if they run, but I do want them to live an active lifestyle.  It is an extra treat for me, however, when I do get to share my passion with my kids.

I pushed my hardest and got a new post-pregnancy PR- 5K with a 7:57 average pace.  It was fun because I got to run with Mindy for most of the race.

Will took off sprinting in the kids race.  Since he's big now I just let him run the entire thing alone.  My friend told me he finished in the top 20 kids.  He's a speedy little guy!

And Annie!  I AM SO PROUD OF ANNIE.  My three year old RAN the ENTIRE mile long race.  She didn't take a single walk break!  When we were going to leave for the race she said, "Mom, I'm so glad I get to be your running buddy!"

I have a feeling we're going to be running buddies for a very long time.


  1. That is so adorable! I love your kids!

  2. What she didn't run it in her cowgirl boots?? So awesome she ran the whole things! Way to Go Annie Girl!!

  3. Your kids are so freaking cute! The look on Annie's face as she crossed the finish line was the best.
    It was fun to finally run with you again - thanks for making me run faster that I thought I ever could! You are amazing!!

  4. Impressive, Annie! That's so fun.

  5. Yay for running. It really is my drug of choice.