"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly."
-Pres. Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mad Hatter

The hats that I wear take many shapes
Some are small, some are big, and some make me late;
I’ll share them with you, if you can give pause,
And then you will see which hats have good cause.

In the early morning I wear hat of runner,
You would think at 5 I could find something funner.
A hop, skip and a jump and then I am home,
Only to mark what I did on my cute green iPhone.

A minute goes by, ten, twelve, or twenty?
How much time have I spent?  I can tell you- plenty.
I put it down for there are babies to bathe!
On goes hat number three- children servant.  Or slave?

A mother am I, and this hat is my favorite!
They take most my time, but I try to savor it.
Each babe is fed, dressed, and looking so cool,
Then on goes the chauffeur hat and off to the school.

Along with that hat I wear one or two more,
Multitasking at hand, I make the telephone grand tour,
“Hi Bre, Audra, sister, grandma,  mom, and hi Jenn!”
“Hello!”  as I wear hats of daughter, sister and friend.

At home once more and the youngest asleep,
I’ve got a mess to clean up and a floor to sweep.
On goes my maid hat as I fold endless loads.
It’s easy to see this is the hat that I loathe...

The day goes on as I wear hat of teacher,
Helping kids in brother’s class become better readers.
A cook I am also! See chef hat so white,
Come into my kitchen and I’ll share a bite!

Some days I also pretend to be younger,
Cute girls forgive me when often I blunder.
At work an apron instead of a hat,
A coach also! A whistle I use for that.

It’s hard to remember that I’m also a wife.
Almost 11 years ago I promised my life,
To be sweet and serving to my working man,
This hat’s something I actually wear on my hand.

My final hat that I’ll choose to share,
 Is a hat that requires such delicate care.
I must tend to it daily, sometimes by the hour,
For it is a hat that is filled with power.

A daughter of God, and a Queen’s crown I wear,
There’s something about this I really must share.
You each wear this crown, I hope you believe it.
I know that at times it seems hard to see it.

For God loves you.  You’re his.  He wants you to know,
That even through all other hats, this one shows.
Take time to read, study, pray and ponder,
That is how Father will talk to his daughter.

He will help you to know what hats you can put down,
Because sometimes the weight of the hats makes you frown.
Some hats must stay on, and those He will steady,
He’ll be there to catch some until you are ready.

So gather your hats! Though they may drive you mad,
With the help of our Father they won’t be so bad.

-Amylee Nicoll
March 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Too Fast

This is me. Right this very second, actually. I'm holding my baby when I should be cleaning my house/preparing a church talk/reading with my big kids. But I just can't do that right now. 

My baby is almost one. 

Paige's first birthday is less than two weeks away, and I'm not ready. I'm not talking about balloons and presents and cake. I'm talking about starting on cow's milk, and weaning her, and walking, and talking. I'm not ready for her to grow up. 

I feel like I've done my best to soak up every ounce of her baby-ness. I haven't rushed her milestones. In fact, I'm so happy that she is still just crawling and not cruising much around furniture. I even love her bald head! It makes her still seem small. And so perfectly perfect. 

Dallas has been teasing me because I have to actually fight back tears when I think about her turning one. 

It's because I now have a boy that is almost 8. HE still feels like he should be my baby. But he's not. He's choosing to be baptized this fall which is an important life decision- his first really. And I don't know how he even got this age when just yesterday we were sending tiny cars down a track.  

The kids grow like weeds no matter how desperately their mother wants to hold tiny hands and wash little faces. They never ask if I'm ready for the next step; they just suddenly make if known that they want you to take off training wheels, or walk to school with a friend, or go to their primary class alone, or that they only want hugs instead of kisses. Mom's don't really get a say. We just feed, water, love, and watch. And then suddenly they don't need us anymore. 

So, Paige, I'm going to hold you while you sleep today because tomorrow you'll be going to college and leaving your mama with a broken heart.

It has gone too fast, and I know it won't slow down. 

Will & Paige

I've mentioned before how Paige and Will have a special relationship.  She seems to just feel safe with him; and she is.  The other day he held her while they were watching cartoons, and she fell asleep.  She rarely does that with me anymore!  I was so lucky to capture this moment.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dalin!

When Dallas and I were first married my Grandma Jewel called him Dalin.  It has kind of become a pet name that I call him.  We laughed out loud when his sister Kallie sent him a text yesterday that said, "Happy Birthday, Dalin!" 

Dallas celebrated his 31st birthday.  It was low key, but wonderful.  I surprised him with a new tent- big enough to fit our whole family and our whole kitchen on the inside.  We had friends over for chicken tacos and then topped our bellies off with his favorite chocolate applesauce cake.

Dallas is truly the most wonderful husband and father.  He is definitely the fun parent!  I feel so grateful that my Father in Heaven guided me to him all those years ago.  Happy Birthday Dallas!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Red Rock Dixie

This weekend I had a run-cation in St. George to run the one day relay Red Rock Dixie.  It was beautiful, sunny, and such a fun group of girls.  I got to lay on the grass, get a bit of a tan, and touch a wild burro!  I ended up getting pretty sick and really struggled running through one of my legs.  I didn't think I was going to be able to finish, but prayers were answered and I started to feel so much better.  It felt like a miracle to me.  I was so thankful I had such a sweet and understanding team and it all worked out in the end.

Our team was "Here we go again!" and it included Breona Carter, me, Mindy Kohler, Jill Tuttle, Amy Lloyd, and Katie Cummings.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paige at 11 Months

This is the last monthly update of how my baby is growing- sad!  Nothing flies quite like that first year.

Paige has really started showing a lot of her personality this month.  She is picky, opinionated, sweet, goofy, and patient.  She hates food, bottles, and sleeping through the night.  She loves nursing, her mama, standing up to furniture to walk around a bit, crawling, playing peek a boo, and the word "uh oh!"  Paige weighs 18 lbs 13 oz, has 5 teeth (3 on top, 2 on bottom), and no hair :).

Will this morning said, "I don't want Paige to turn one.  I want her to stay little forever."  Me too, Will.
Where's Paige?

There she is!