"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly."
-Pres. Thomas S. Monson

Monday, March 18, 2013


Believe it or not, the due date is a mere 17 days away.  SEVENTEEN DAYS!  I've spent so many days (262 to be exact) imagining what it's going to be like to meet my third child, and now it's so close I can almost taste it.  In Relief Society this week the best quote was shared:

"Each last day or each last week should be the best that we have ever experienced."
-Pres. Lorenzo R. Snow

I'm determined to make this my motto for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I have so much left to enjoy while I only have 2 kids.  Plus, I know when I get to hold my sweet girl in my arms that I will miss feeling her wiggle in my belly.  Isn't life so bitter-sweet as you say hello to a new stage and goodbye to one you've loved so much?

I've been planning my delivery of Paige a little differently than my other two- this time I'm planning on a Hypnobirth.

It's true.  I am now a hippie.

I have so loved being immersed in the program so far!  I don't think it's a coincidence that I've felt better during the last 6 weeks since I started the program than I did earlier in my pregnancy.  I've been more comfortable, I've been sleeping better, and I've been less anxious.  It has been so fun for me to find something that has just "clicked" so well.  I honestly can't wait until delivery day!
Picture taken at 36 weeks pregnant.
The baby nursery is ready! Stocked with diapers and a wardrobe that could probably clothe two newborn baby girls, we're ready to bring our baby girl home as soon as she decides to come.  I'm able to use a lot of the same things that I had with Annie, but I've also bought a few little special things that are just for Paige as well.

We love the nursery- there is the best feeling in that room.  If you can't find either Dallas or myself, you should look there; chances are we've got our feet up in the recliner taking a break.

The saying says, "My finger may be tiny but I can still wrap my Daddy around it."

The pictures of the dancing girls were my Mom's when she was a little girl.
I've been able to continue to run- it has been so good for me mentally.  It has been hard, but I think it has been worth it.  I can say this now because as I write this I am sitting in sweaty clothes following a particularly rewarding 5K.  I turn plenty of heads these days with a bump this size, that's for sure!  I'm now to the point that every time I leave for a run I wonder if it's going to be my last for awhile- not because I'm ready to quit, but because I might actually have my baby.  It's an exciting thought!

The only thing that's not ready is her name.  We are still stuck on what to do with a middle name!  We just haven't found the one we really love yet.  I actually gambled away naming rights to the baby the other night during a game of Klondike Rummy to Grandpa Kaiserman.  We'll see what he comes up with I guess!

I'm excited, Dallas is excited, the kids are excited- we'll just make the most of every day until she decides to join us!


  1. Time goes too fast!! This summer will be So Busy but so Fun and full of adventure!! I'm so excited to meet another new little niece! Keep us posted! Love you.

  2. First of all, you look fantastic! Incredible.

    Also, your nursery is adorable! I've never decorated for a baby coming. It looks so great!

  3. You look beautiful! I'm so glad hynobirthing has helped and I wish you the best, most calm birth in the world. Loves.

  4. So excited for this new baby to join your family. How about Marciea for Paige's middle name? It just flows so well....
    And maybe one day you will find me in your recliner in the baby's room. I don't have a chair like that in my house and I feel deprived.

  5. Once you feel ready, it's like "let's get the show on the road!" I too walk into baby sister's nursery about once a day just to look and imagine what it will be like with her in it!

    You are going to rock this natural birth!